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The Hypoxia Performance Story

About Hypoxia Performance, Head Coach John Bezou, and What's Important to Us

Hypoxia Performance was founded in 2019 with a simple goal: provide high-quality, holistic, athlete-centered coaching to athletes of all ability levels who want to take on the toughest running challenges.

Our founder believes that helping athletes find a balance among the three key pillars of wellness (sleep, nutrition and proper physical/cognitive training) and providing a positive, supportive coaching environment is key to exceptional performance on the road, track or trail.

John's Bio
Coach John Bezou running over rocks in ultramarathon in Namib

John Bezou

CEO & Head Coach
Education & Certification
  • Masters of Coaching and Sport Performance - U of Southern Miss (2025)

  • B.S. Psychology - U of Southern Miss (1998)

  • Army Master Resilience Trainer

  • USATF Level 1 Coach

  • American Red Cross BLS Certification

Running CV
  • Brew to Brew 44 mile

  • Desert RATS 50K

  • Rattler Trail 50K

  • Bear Chase 50 mile

  • Bear Chase 100K

  • Sage Burner 50K

  • Salt Flats 100 mile (x2)

  • Lean Horse 100 mile

  • Pony Express 100 mile

  • 2022 4 Deserts Grand Slam Finisher!

2022 Namib Race

2022 Republic of Georgia Race

2022 Atacama Crossing

2022 Last Desert - Antarctica

Crew & Pacer Experience
  • Badwater 135

  • Leadville 100

  • Heartland 125

  • Tahoe 200

John Bezou Jr. is the ultimate embodiment of perseverance and dedication. As the CEO and Head Coach of Hypoxia Performance, John inspires athletes to push their limits and achieve their goals through a holistic approach to health and wellness.

John's journey began with a bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi, where he also received a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the US Army Medical Service Corps. After 20 years of active-duty service, including two combat tours in Iraq, John retired as the Medical Operations Officer and Director of Human Performance for the 4th Infantry Division at Fort Carson, CO.  After his retirement, John pursued his lifelong dream of becoming a professional athlete and coach.

John has competed in every distance from 5K to 100 miles, and in 2022, he became the 13th American to complete the prestigious 4 Deserts Grand Slam hosted by Racing the Planet. But John's accomplishments are not just limited to athletics. He actively supports two amazing charities - The Ability Experience and The Lockwood Foundation - that focus on making outdoor activities more accessible and inclusive for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

With John as your coach, you can expect to be inspired, challenged, and empowered to achieve your goals. His approach is grounded in the belief that success comes not just from physical training, but from a holistic approach that includes mental and emotional wellness as well.  John truly believes that Exceptional Is Possible for every athlete.

Join the ranks of the athletes who have achieved their dreams under John's guidance.  Schedule a consult to begin your journey with Hypoxia Performance today.

The Questions

Who I Help

Athletes of all fitness levels, abilities, and experiences.  As long as you have the desire and commitment, I have the tools to help you succeed.

How I Do It

I have pre-set training programs available for purchase on TrainingPeaks and also have limited availability for one-on-one coaching.

What's in It for You

Choose a life-changing goal and achieve it.  You'll be amazed at what you can do when you step out of your comfort zone.

Increasing Accessibility & Inclusion

Often, a lack of physical accessibility is the final barrier that prohibits a person with a disability from engaging in an activity. And, far too often, people with disabilities are told what they can't do, be it in athletic pursuits, hobbies or careers.


At Hypoxia Performance we believe that all people should have the right and opportunity to live their life to the fullest they desire. We donate funds to build or convert off-road racing wheelchairs to open up the world of trail and ultramarathon racing to adaptive athletes.

Please consider learning more about these organizations that mean so much to us:
 Lockwood Foundation
Ability Experience.

Throwing Bones 

We Can Run Project 

National Kidney Donor Organization 

Thank you!

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What's Important

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