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Coach John Bezou running on ridge in ultra race in Antarctica

Training Programs

Individual Training Plans from 100 Meters to 100 Miles and Beyond, Race Crewing & Pacing, and Online Running Programs from Running Coach John Bezou

"The human spirit is an amazing thing. When we choose to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones we are capable of accomplishing more than we ever thought possible."

- John Bezou


One on One Training

One-on-One Personalized Coaching

Custom Race Training Plans Built Just for You — All Distances, All Terrains

We develop custom training programs for runners that focus on developing the four pillars of athletic performance: mechanical, metabolic, cardiovascular and psychological. You won’t find cookie cutter training plans here. We provide one-on-one coaching that fits your individual needs, goals and abilities.

Coaching includes weekly virtual meetings and training plans tailored to your specific goal/race.


Limited time slots are available.

Llama on ultramarathon course in Chile
Crewing and Pacing

Professional Crewing & Pacing

Ultramarathon Crewing and Pacing

The Hypoxia Performance team has provided crew and pacing services at some of the toughest ultramarathons in the world including the Tahoe 200, Badwater 135 and the legendary “Race Across The Sky” - The Leadville Trail 100.


We leverage the best planners, logisticians, medical professionals and runners to make sure that when the going gets tough you are able to keep moving.  Having a dedicated support crew can mean the difference between and PR and a DNF.  With more than 20 years of real-world, military operational experience, let Hypoxia Performance get you to the start line and across the finish line.

Inquire about upcoming races.

John Bezou and other ultra runners racing in Namib

Online Training Programs

Couch to 5k and 10k Training Plans

For those looking for a pre-set training program, we have developed several plans based upon targeted race distance.  Each plan outlines workouts, stretching and recommendations to help you achieve your goals.

Plans are available through TrainingPeaks as downloadable PDFs and will open in a new tab.

Online Training
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