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Dive into Blue Excellence with this limited edition ultramarathon cap.


Embark on a journey of unparalleled performance with our exclusive release, the Hypoxia Performance EndureFlex Ultramarathon Cap 2024. Limited in quantity and available only in the mesmerizing shade of Blue, this is your ticket to elevated running experiences.


Key Features:

  • Ultra-Limited Edition: Seize the opportunity to own a piece of running history. The 2024 edition is a collector's item, with a limited quantity that adds an extra layer of exclusivity to your gear.

  • Boldly Blue: Our signature color for 2024, 'Dive into Blue,' encapsulates the spirit of adventure and endurance. Own the run with a hue that symbolizes strength, determination, and the vastness of your athletic pursuits.

  • Performance Unleashed: The EndureFlex Ultramarathon Cap continues to deliver top-tier performance. Crush it into your pack, submerge it in streams, and toss it in the washing machine without compromising its quality – a testament to its durability and versatility.

EndureFlex Ultramarathon Cap 2024

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